The Udder Delights Shop

Have you stopped by the Udder Delights store at Val Vista & Warner Rd lately?  (If the answer is no, what are you waiting for?!)  When a Pastry Chef who prides herself on using local ingredients and constantly pushing the envelope on new and interesting flavors runs the show, expect amazing and new flavors every time you stop by!  Our small batch Ice Cream shop makes Ice Cream daily so you are guaranteed to get a fresh treat.  Don’t miss our seasonal flavors each month as those are limited time only and usually only found in the shop.

Chef Stephanie creates more than just the best Ice Cream you have ever tasted.  She also carries our fresh homemade Butter, Farmer’s Cheese and Milk.  You really haven’t tasted butter until you have had local Butter made the old fashioned way with nothing but local ingredients you would find in your pantry at home.  Our Cinnamon Butter is definitely Life Changing on just about anything you put it on!  The Farmer’s Cheese is the perfect party appetizer with a tray of crackers or breads.  Stop by and sample some soon!

Make sure you tell us if it is your first time in the shop!  We have a rule that you must sample at least 3 flavors before you decide on your first visit.  Your taste buds will thank you later!

Wondering what you will find when you stop by the Udder Delights shop?

We have it all! Stop by for a treat, take some home to keep in your freezer, pick up a treat just for your favorite pup and even get your gallon of Milk, Cheese or Butter for the week!

Ice Cream & Sorbet

Wee Folk Scoop (4 oz)
Single Scoop (6 oz)
Double Scoop (10 oz)
Ice Cream Sundaes
Scoop in a Cake Cone
Scoop in a Waffle Cone
Scoop in a Fancy Waffle Cone

*Don’t forget the toppings!  Take a look at our toppings bar while you are in the shop.


Get a 12 oz, 16 oz or 24 oz shake in any flavor

Root Beer Float

Our Vanilla Bean Ice Cream takes Root Beer Floats to the next level!

Pooches & Cream

Ask about our Ice Cream made specifically for Dogs!

Ice Cream to Take Home

Grab a Pint or Quart to go or take a whole pan!  We are happy to scoop anything in the display case into a larger container for you to take home and enjoy later!


We have our local milk processed and packaged in Tempe and offer whole milk, 2% and skim milk by the gallon.

Butter & Farmer’s Cheese

We offer 8 oz containers of both Butter and Farmer’s Cheese in a variety of flavors

Have a Flavor Suggestion?

We are always looking for new flavors! Let us know below if you have an idea.